About Us

About Andylite Energy Ltd

Andylite Energy Ltd is a solar energy enterprise in Uganda since 2015. We design, distribute affordable and flexible solar energy solutions suitable for homes and businesses abel to provide lighting, and support electronics such as radios, phone charging, Fan, and TV.

Our solar solutions are customer centric, We work collaboratively with esteem customers to perform and exhaustive review of a customer requirements and asist to match with the budget in-order to enable the client maximize the value of Andylite products.

Andylite partners with local finance institutions to provide flexible re-payment of solar products in loans in addition to already affordable andylite solar products enabling the less privileged households derive benefit from using Andylite solar energy solutions.

Company Mission

To extend a clean energy solution customised for the under privileged house-hold Ugandans and customers abroad through our experts not excluding partners we work with to make the world a better place for all .

Meet Our Team

Our professionals

Andrew Ogadi Abacha

Co-founder & Director

Edison Atugonza

Co-founder and Business Development Manager

Brian Warom

Accounts and Administration